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Asia is one of the first projects for the global Justice Institute. Over the last 10 years Reverend Pat and Reverend Moon have started doing Outreach in Asia. The project started in Malaysia and has now moved through China, Hong Kong and now last year Reverend Boon was in the first ever pride parade in Vietnam period usually what we do is, Boon will go into areas and we give talks, give book signings and work with small communities, so a lot of what we are doing is creating groups of like-minded people, but often, a lot of it is still Underground... in some parts of Asia , Boone has started doing virtual communities.

When Boon travels, he has just spent practically the whole summer in mainland China Kama which is a new area for us, in communist China everything is still Underground so even the communities need to be Underground. Through Malaysia he is able to be more out and he is first openly out clergy member and then the first same-sex marriage was his and phineas's performed in Malaysia.

So he can be a little more out, he has over 50 books published, so a lot of it is to just connect people to the message, accepting tolerance, and largely religious in that part of the world. The goal over the next five years is to work on more direct projects through China and Malaysia, China will always be difficult because of the communist government. The project will, in time,be able to expand beyond just virtual communities, and start working on safe space and community centers, we've only been able to really set up a church in Kuala Lumpur comma beyond that we have not had a lot of success, I would say working on physical space and a lot of that is challenged by oppression and an oppressive government.